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More photos from Etretat
- 1914 originals by Nurse Barrett -

The main page on Etretat is here.

I was recently contacted by Brian Dunlop, whose great aunt served in No. 1 General Hospital in Etretat from 1914.  Here's what Brian has to say:

"Her family name was Barrett from Dublin, but sadly, I cannot find out her first name.  I have no information on how long she stayed but from the dates on the photos it would appear if she was there on the Hospital Ship Asturias in August 1914, before moving on to Etretat. Who knows if she stayed long enough to know Edith? Edith does mention an Irish girl winning some parlour games in her diary.  In any case there is a photo of "Col" Martyn, whom Edith mentions announcing "that he wished to visit her family in England". There is also a very faded photo of Matron Hodgins, whom the Matron in Chief Maud McCarthy mentions very favourably in her diaries."

The photos are charming and show aspects of Etretat I had not seen before.  I have copied a few below but you can see collection here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41334526@N02/sets/72157622541497978/   The comments in quotes are Brian's.  It is well worth comparing some of these images with those I have put together on the main page on Etretat which was assembled with the help of local historian, Alain Millet.

Click on the photos to enlarge.


^   "My Great Aunt on the beach front.
The local fishermen and a Soldier look on."



^   "My Great Aunt overlooking the Beach at Etretat. The locals used fresh water seeping out through the rocks on the beach to wash sheets."


^     On the front.


 ^     Ambulances


Edie mentions a Major Martyn a number of times, particularly in Volume 3 of her diaries. But since Nurse Barrett was in Etretat in 1914 and Edie didn't go there until November 1915 she knew him later than Nurse Barrett and it is unlikely he was demoted!  It would be nice to think that this is a photo of Edie's Major Martyn, though.

 ^   "Col Martyn with his Interpreter and Wife"
Taken outside La Residence - the Officers' bar


For a great deal more information about Etretat, both during the Great War
and recently (including our visit in March 2009), click here.


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